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About the 5 scams of cars, steel plate processing is not as thin as yours.

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About the 5 scams of cars, steel plate processing is not as thin as yours.

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This article gives us an analysis of the car circle 5 points of pseudo-common sense, I believe that understanding after we correctly and rationally look at the car has some help.

Steel plate processing is not as thin as yours.
Thin and thick steel plates are a cliche. Once upon a time with a friend, Brother Man was driving and looking at a map and accidentally bumped into a thin tree (actually a typical column collision), when our characters dropped a little blood, but the front of the car wasn't damaged at all, Brother Man. "The game is still not practical," he said casually, "if in practice we both hang up."
Man's friend said, "do you think it's a Japanese car? Paper skin is like a shell. "
Instantly, Brother Man wanted to theory with him, but half vomited, as long as the rest can not, no way, even now the sound of reason is more and more, but the safety of steel sheet thickness of the people still exist, and in your side.
The so-called steel plate, is the appearance of a car mask, these masks are impossible to determine the basis of a car's forced safety. What really determines the forced safety of a car is the frame of the vehicle, which is similar to the cage structure that encloses the people's living space in the car.
In other words, if you buy a used car, the front bumper and rear bumper panels are all hit, but the frame isn't hurt, the ABC column isn't hurt, the spare tire isn't deformed, and the mechanical parts in the engine room are intact. Strictly speaking, this car isn't an end-of-the-road car, but it's a bargain. Reason.
The most rational way to look at the safety function of a car being forced to knock is to look at the knock test results of authoritative agencies, such as IIHS, E-NCAP, not to see what the cover was hit, but to see whether the dummy has a knock in the car at the moment of knock, and how the living space of the dummy in the car is after the collision.
To sum up, the car's safety function is always for the people in the car, not for the car itself, for example, a small area of bias bump, the head of the car crash again rotten, the rollers are flying, the car directly scrapped.
But bump the moment the seat belt tightly pulled in the car, the air bag completely wrapped the human body, the human body did not meet in the car, after the collision A column did not deform, the car enough living space, that is a forced safety car.
Instead of caring about the severity of the crash, in other words, the collapse of the front of the car in a major crash can absorb energy. The more the crash force these parts bear, the less the crash force that comes into the car, and the safer the person sitting in the car.
Including a sinking skill like a starter is said to be "I X, you see this cock car, after the crash the starter will all fall on the ground, almost too terrible to buy."
Big brother, the car's sensor will sense the size of the force, when too big to bear the time will be the engine to the ground, if not to fall, the engine will invade the cockpit, light lower body amputation, the main points of the direct squeeze to death in it.
Of course, the hard cover also has the advantage, that is, in the slightest small bump, the deformation is smaller, that is, a car with a thick steel plate and a thin steel plate car slightly bump, the steel plate may be deformed, to repair the car, and the thick one may not have to repair.
Alas, with all my heart and soul, he said so much, but Man brother knew that the steel plate members could not hear it.
The installation is not so good.
Let's talk about the addition. Many people think the more equipment the better, but is that really the case? There are two kinds of add-on, one is to buy a car when 4S stores mandatory add-on or advocate add-on, the other is to go to 4S stores or refitting shop to add-on later.
The two conditions can be combined to say that many brands have a mandatory addition to the car purchase situation, the detailed add-on items will be somewhat different from each other, perhaps with you blowing what equipment how good, advocate you add, so in the face of this situation, how should we choose?
First of all, the price of the 4S store will be very expensive, especially the BBA brand is more exaggerated, and there are two kinds of details about this kind of add-on. One is that the car is installed in the factory, and the 4S store can be directly handed over to the owner in the future. This situation is good, at least the process has been ensured, you are at most above the price of eating. However, this kind of installation is rare.
The overwhelming majority of the situation is the car to 4S shop in the future, by 4S shop to complete the add-on operation, this time you have to pay attention to, can not add certainly not add-on.
For example, if you add leather seats, a friend who is interested in seeing the leather seats installed by his friends in the 4S store, the material or texture of the leather seats will be much worse than that of the original factory belt of the same car.
And the most important thing is to install leather seats to remove the car's seats, don't forget that you bought a new car, ah, the new car came in 4S store to remove the seat once, the heart should not diaphragm? In addition to Diaphragm Ying, if 4S shop builders are not skilled enough, when you go back to the device, which piece is not carefully installed, then this seat is a potential safety hazard, otherwise, the owner will wait for the new car soon appear seat abnormal sound bar.
Central console screen is the same reason, a disassembly, once not installed, waiting for the owner of the car as long as endless noise.
There is a new car to add a higher-grade sound, which is even more taboo, because some of the horns are on the door, new car bought, has not yet opened 4S shop, four doors to open it once, the original sound of the car, four doors removed and then installed back to the abnormal sound also came.
As for the outside refitting shop, the handmade shop is no cheaper than 4S shop, if the budget is sufficient and really need a certain equipment, can choose such refitting shop. Don't go to a shop with poor handicraft. Brother Man has seen leather seats sewn on the side air bag outlets.
There's also something like a whole car glue, to change the car's sound insulation, Man argues, if it's a long-term old car, it's still worth it, and the new car is really unnecessary, for example, to change the sound insulation, eventually out of little effect, and the risk and benefit is not proportional to.
It is prudent to add rational requirements and refit.
Cars are used for driving, not for supply.
Some people, after buying the car as a treasure, in his international except this car nothing.
It's certainly a good habit to protect your car, but it's just a tool of the day. There's no need to over-protect it. Sometimes over-protect it and it's not good for the car.
For example, if you can't bear to drive, there's a saying that "the car isn't broken, the car is broken." If you leave it there for a long time, the first batteries will gradually consume electricity, and then the tires will be deformed and lost circle when they are pressed by the touch position. All kinds of oil (engine oil, brake oil, antifreeze) of the car are also of good quality. Period, long time parking, if the oil has passed the shelf life, there will be a variety of hidden dangers.
Even if you buy a car that doesn't drive very often, make sure you start it every two weeks or so and go for a run, otherwise it's really bad for the car.
There is also a kind of excessive car washing, some people can not wish to wash the car once a day, if it is washed with car washing fluid or detergent, frequent car washing paint damage is very big, and other, with high-pressure water gun wash the car before the vehicle must first clean the surface of the small sand and dust, or else the power of high-pressure water gun is very strong. Big, it's like pressing hard into the sand when you rush into it. If you wash the thinly painted car, you'll find a lot of small scratches on the body.
By the way, if you want to jacket your car, wash it before you put it on, or if you're dirty, you'll wear a jacket. It's in constant conflict with the body when the wind blows, and then the center of the conflict is mixed with the sand, clattering. You know.
Therefore, car washing should be moderate and love cars should be rational.
The "worshiping" you buy is only a matter of fact.
Some of the models, known as China's special supply vehicles, because although they hang joint venture worship, but only produced in China only sold to China.
For example, Jetta, Santana, Langyi and Bora all have VW worship icons, but you can't buy them in Germany and the United States.
Honda's Ling Pie, Ford's Forus, Chevrolet's Kowitz, Buick's Yinglong and so on are all our special cars, too many are not listed one by one.
Let's not say that our special car supply must be poor, the most important thing is to buy a joint venture car for what, not to expect the product's perfection and reliability and driving experience can be more sophisticated and better, not to mention that the joint venture car in China is now in the consumer can not see the local distribution, that special car supply is even worse. Especially in terms of safety, we have no idea.
As a result, at the joint venture price, it is China's specialty cars that are purchased, which is still somewhat uncomfortable psychologically. It is better to look at the same price and level again and buy a global model which is still relatively stronger.
It must be six rhesus monkeys who were killed.
The six-eared monkey is the false Monkey King in the Journey to the West. He was eventually beaten to death by Monkey King with a stick and covered with a golden bowl.
In the car industry, there are some brands headed by Zhongtai Ruler, the exterior and interior copy is the same as other models, but Brother Man wants to say, mechanical level of things, they are never copied.
For these models, Man's attitude is never recommended, buy an SR9 think you can be a Porsche drive?
One day, when the real goods were encountered on the road, the six rhesus monkeys must be killed.
Oh no, the six-eared macaques are still as powerful as the Monkey Monkey, and the models that come out of these tape scales are just a case of a home.

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